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Bahamas Needs Your Prayers & Donation

Sweet & Swift Gift Shop

Dear Customers,

We are a online small business with a large heart and dedicated to bring unique gift ideas and gifts, novelty, greeting card, custom gift baskets, fine/custom/fashion jewelry, watches, books, handbags, Spa skin and hair products, toys, baby items, bridal, Quinceañera, tools, home decor and others miscellaneous products for your loved ones and to treat yourself as well.   Our gift shop has a secure relief program for victims of a natural disaster/act of God.  Sweet & Swift Gift Shop family is sending our deepest condolences to the brothers and sisters in Bahamas for their loss.  We are praying for everyone from Abaco Island and Grand Bahama Island.  Swift Charity Foundation is a non-profit community business program where 10% of each customer's purchase goes to a cumulative fund that will be used World wide  and only to relief victims of a natural disaster.   Once a significant amount is reach, $ 1000.00 or more then a check with the amount collected will be sent to the country in needs.   The check will be sent and processed through ADRA, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency that has served for many years more than 130 countries.    This Month will be dedicated to the victims affected by Hurricane Dorian.  We have and honor our emblem saying "Gift today and save Lives".  Today the sadness is over our brothers and sisters from Bahamas, tomorrow could be anybody.  The Seven Day Adventist Church of Abaco island and Long Island are the ones receiving the monetary donation and will purchase all the goods for the victims affected.   List of things they need:  can/dry box food, dry food/fruits/nuts/seeds, cooking oil/spray pam, crackers, peanut butter, coffee creamer powder, instant coffee/tea, rice cakes/snacks, non-refrigerated easy cheese can, dry cereal/hot cereal, dry or can soups, dry/can beans, can meat/vegetable, non-refrigerated jello/pudding, granola/protein bars, protein shakes, sugar free products, juice, sport drinks/coconut water boxes, evaporated milk, hot chocolate bars/syrup/packages, peanut butter/cheese snack crackers, can fruit, apple sauce pockets/cups, chips, sauces, cooking utensils/pot/fry pan, construction/carpentry material, hammer, nails, tape measure, chain saw, drinking water, First Aid Kits( It should have latex gloves, gauze pads, a thermometer, sterile bandages, Band-Aids, petroleum jelly, salve for burns, antibiotic ointment, baby rash cream/ointment, adhesive tape, towelettes, hand sanitizers, sunscreen, calamine lotion, Alka-Seltzer, Benadryl, aspirin/acetaminophen-pain, Imodium/Kaopectate-diarreha, laxative/fiber powder(Metamucil)/corn syrup (children), and instant cold packs.), tooth paste/brush, solar generators suitcase, outdoor/appliance electric extension cord, hair brush/comb, health products/medicines/vaccines, towels, wipes, blankets, mattress, pillows, bath towel, shoes, flip flop, socks, women towelettes/pads, adult diapers/urinary overactive bladder panties/pads, kids/adults clothes, work mask, protective work glasses, reading glasses, mosquitoes repellent/net, camp tents, batteries, flashlights, kitchen lighter, matches, camp stoves and butane canisters, water filters and chlorine tablets, water, can milk, diapers, maternity products/clothes, portable baby playard, baby nail clipper and aid kit, portable stroller, umbrella, baby bottles, pacifiers, bibs, non-glass baby food(sealed bags, can or plastic container), baby crackers/cereal, dry formula, dry food items, school supplies, hygiene products, bleach tablets, wheel chair, adult walker, walking cane, respiratory therapy equipment, large lawn garbage bags, toilet/towel paper, utensils, scissors, knife, tape, air mattress(full/twin), bed linen, cots, hammock, aluminum beach/camp chairs/portable folding table, sleeping bags, manual can opener, sewing kit, plates, cups, coolers, mop/bucket/boom, cleaning rags/wipes, detergent, dishwasher, latex/no latex gloves, heavy duty gloves, pet dry food, jackets, rain gear ...etc.    We encourage you all to keep Bahamas in your prayers for support and for them to receive the comfort they need during this hard time.  Come shop with us and become a member for more discounts and special offers.   Today you can help investing in our shop and putting a smile to the victims of hurricane Dorian.    We appreciate your cooperation and motivation to give others and change their lives.

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